I believe, as the Native Americans do, that horses are spiritual, mystical creatures.  They speak to the certain wildness in our own souls.  I hope to capture some of that spirit in each of my pieces.  People respond to my portrayal of the horse from awe to sentimentality.  They may have always longed to own a horse or find something in my sculptures that reminds them of a horse once greatly loved.  Whatever it is that speaks to people, viewers cannot walk by one of my pieces without reaching out to touch it.  I find this to be a major compliment and honor as an artist. I strive for accuracy and movement in all my work.  I want to portray horses doing what horses do naturally, but still adding an artistic license. From sniffing the wind or doing battle, I want the viewer to feel it.  My bronzes are museum quality works crafted in the USA and use all local fabricators in Loveland, Colorado, home of many fine foundries.

A trip to the Leanin’ Tree Western Museum in Boulder, Colorado inspired me to take a bronze sculpture workshop and begin bronze sculpting.  I found I have a natural ability for three dimensional works.  From there, I have taken various classes and workshops around the country from internationally recognized artists.

I am a member of many professional organizations and several art guilds. I juror national and local art shows and mentor young art students. 

Some awards include Denver Arts in Business, Depot Fine Arts Gallery and Lone Tree Fine Arts Exhibit.  My work is in private collections in the USA and Europe. I am the United States Equestrian Federation/EQUUS Foundation trophy artist. Public art by DiRico Fine Art is installed in Castle Rock, CO.